Amity Heart

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There is an undeniable sound of this dynamic country duo. Jaci Rae and Travis Wayne make up this powerhouse duo of Amity Heart. Both planted their roots in music early in life at around 3 yrs old. Both are from family musical backgrounds and both were inspired greatly by singing in church all their lives. Their southern values are portrayed greatly through the songs they sing  and write. Both grew up performing in school choirs, church, talent contests and both venturing out later in life with their own bands. Jaci grew up in Missouri and has been influenced by country music all her life, while Travis grew up in Oklahoma singing southern gospel. Both styles mesh together to make up the sound of Amity Heart.

  The name “Amity Heart” stands for friendship heart. Their seven year friendship is so tightly woven that it becomes more of a brother/sister relationship. Their harmonies are indescribable and intuitive qualities transpires through their music on stage. Their shared interest is to touch lives daily in their music. Both share a vision of portraying hope, love, inspiration and unity through song. If they are not on stage performing, you can still find them together still rehearsing new material and co-writing songs from the personal life experiences.

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