Mike Keating

Whether he’s on stage or talking one on one, Mike Keating radiates enthusiasm, and entertain the people around him. The St. Paul born singer began playing after watching his father play banjo when he was a young boy, Mike found himself with a desire to become a performer. While in the U.S. Armed Forces, Mike crafted his style of playing while performing with pop, country and rock and roll bands. Honorably discharged, he began his playing career in Minnesota. His first recording success on Jody Records can be documented with the amount of bookings, radio and television appearances. Mike Keating’s efforts did not go unnoticed in the musical community, throughout the years he has performed with such notables musicians as Chet Atkins (guitarist), Leo Fender (guitar founder) Canadian Country Singer Ronny Profit, Steve Morris (rock musician), Jim Atkins (pianist & singer) with The Les Paul Trio, Shot Jackson (Sho-bud) Herb Ellis (jazz guitarist) and the Black Wood Brothers Gospel Group. He has opened for the Coasters and Bill Haley’s Comets. When asked what kind of attitude one must have to succeed in music, Mike responds, “A positive attitude mixed with patience and a good sense of humor.” Those who know him well can attest to the fact that he definitely has a great sense of humor. Laughter is always a part of his day, and a practical joke may not be far from surfacing. Obviously, someone as quick witted and enthusiastic as Mike will do well on the entertainment end of the business much like he did when he was recording. He has already been on the road extensively, and looks forward to traveling to more places and having the opportunity to meet and make more fans as his career goes on. Mike stated that he has simple goals. “I want to be the very best I can possibly be when performing.” For those who have hired Mike, they know that that statement is very true.

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