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I need your help!

I promise it won’t cost you anything but time–and only a few minutes at that. Let me explain.  I know for a fact that the number one reason Winter Texans flock to the Rio Grande Valley each winter is NOT because you heard about it on the radio..or saw a snazzy television advertisement…or read about it in the local newspaper.  How do I know this?  I’ve asked you, and I’ve listened.  You come to South Texas because you heard about it from a friend or you had parents who came before you.

If you ask me, South Texas has a fabulous Winter Texan marketing team, and it is comprised of the 100,000+ of you who come back year after year.  It’s really funny; every time I ask, “What’s the best retirement community in South Texas?” I get a different answer.  It depends on who you ask because our Winter Texans all think THEIR park is #1.  And the truth of the matter is, we have parks of all shapes and sizes and with all levels of activity, so it’s no wonder we can meet the needs of such a unique and diverse group.  So to the specific fellow Winter Texans you might be talking to at that given moment, they are right.  XYZ is the best park in the Rio Grande Valley–for them.

For those of you who have never visited the Valley, we really do have it all.  We have parks with fishing ponds, dog parks, golf courses, RC tracks, pickleball courts, indoor shuffleboard courts, full-service restaurants, woodshops, quilting rooms, pottery wheels, bicycle clubs, workout facilities, jogging trails, nature centers, fruit trees, and so much more.  In the Valley, produce is plentiful (and cheap!) and, in most cases, is brought to the park for your convenience.  Most resorts have meals around the clock so you don’t have to worry about cooking!  And if you’re worried about your waistline, there are so many activities to keep you moving that you can eat a donut every day without a worry in the world.

Like to dance?  The only question is what kind of dance you want to do–line dancing, square dancing, round dancing, ballroom dancing, or country and western?  Regardless, you’ll find them all here.  Same thing goes for music.  We have country jams, rock-and-roll jams, bluegrass jams…and the list goes on and on.  We also have first-class entertainers who come from Branson and all over the country to keep you entertained throughout the season.  Most entertainers perform at multiple venues, so if you have your favorites, you can see them more than once a week, if you like.  Like the beach?  With South Padre Island in our backyard, you can enjoy a day on the island and be back in time for happy hour.

Now back to needing your help.  We have already established that word of mouth is the #1 reason people find out about the Valley, so please help by starting the conversation.  Tell all your friends back home that shoveling snow is overrated.  Visit with folks you meet along the way and invite them to join you.   I promised my plea wouldn’t cost you anything!  All I ask is that you hit the ‘share’ button.

Safe travels, My Friends.   I can’t wait to see you in South Texas!

We’re just connecting the dots,


Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115 or visit their website at or on facebook at and


14 Responses to “Calling all Winter Texans! ”

  1. Cameron Clark

    Cameron & Sandy from Belle River Ontario, Winter Texans at Sunshine RV Resort in Harlingen, and we have a question that many Canadian Winter Texans are asking. Where can we go in or near the RGV to enjoy some stock car racing? This is very big in Canada during the summer and we’d like to scratch our itch during the winter too. Also, we’ve tried contacting different travel agencies for our 2nd love – NHL hockey – we Canadians would love a bus trip to Dallas to see a Stars hockey game and include an overnight hotel as well. Perhaps you could put the bug in the right people and help us out???

  2. Sandy Kielty

    Country Sunshine Weslaco Texas is your place to be. Where to start? FRIENDS! Friends will bring you back every time. Location, location, location, close to everything you can possibly want to do. And if your not, we can also charter a bus to travel to Casino for more fun. Activities in the park daily. Recently built a race track for remote control cars and trucks. Concerts for those who love music and our own DJ for weekly entertainment. Mexico is one of my favorite stops. The safest place to cross , Progresso is minutes away. For those who do need a doctors care they are only minutes away. This is where to spend your winter, come see what you are missing. Sandy

  3. Folks lived in Donna at Shady Acres mobile park. Those two couldn’t get packed and out of Nebraska fast enough. Loved coming to visit them when it was unbearably cold here . Health and age finally won and they sold their winter home.

  4. Sally Moore

    We came to the Valley in 2006 on the advice of friends and love our park. Mostly we have so much in common with other northerners that we gear our activities for our interests. Also so happy to meet new friends Canadian and American.

  5. Carol Purcell

    This will be our 26th year of the valley experience. Same park every year. Faces have changed but not the ambiance. I think our park is the premier park of the valley. PARADISE PARK MCALLEN. Come and take a look at us. We have a lot to offer.

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