La Lomita Chapel

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La Lomita Chapel

La Lomita Chapel

La Lomita (the hillock) was first built in 1865 by Rene Guyard, a French merchant of Reynosa, who had purchased the land in 1845.Church records indicate that La Lomita was rebuilt in 1899 with stones carved from the hill it was built on by the Rev. Fr. F. Bugnard, O.M.I., the Rev. Fr. R. Pescheur and two Oblate brothers. Other buildings, including a rectory and livery stable, were added at this time to the La Lomita area. Records indicate that La Lomita has been replaced at least twice, first in 1899 and again in the 1920s, and repaired in 1937 by neighboring Catholic women. When the City of Mission, Texas was founded in 1908, the city was named “Mission” in honor of La Lomita Chapel. Now, La Lomita Chapel is a religious shrine and a favorite site of historians that provides a glimpse into an important part of the history of Mission and South Texas in general.

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La Lomita Historical Park, Mission, TX 78572, USA

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