A Glimpse of the South Texas Delta

A Glimpse of the South Texas Delta

Let’s Go to Edcouch

by Gretchen Losi

There are so many little towns in the Rio Grande Valley that still maintain their original charm and personality. Edcouch shouldn’t be missed.

The historic downtown has several original buildings peppering the landscape, giving it that old-timey, western feel we love so much. While many sit vacant, yearning for the next chance to open their doors, the old Delta Bank is now a hip local hangout for cocktails.

Across the street, you’ll find City Hall draped in red, white, and blue. If it’s open, you are encouraged to stop in. There’s a well-designed mural that takes up the entire foyer wall, depicting the history of the city with illustrated photos.

Just next door is the newly renovated Victor. E. Leggett Water Park. Leggett, who married his sweetheart at her Edcouch home in 1976 after serving two tours in Vietnam and earning the Bronze Star, became the town’s fire chief.

The city isn’t too far from turning 100, so pay attention to the architecture. You can find that old-world beauty and charm in homes and all around Main Street. They are careful to preserve all they can.

Up the road another few miles north, you’ll come across the magnificent ruins of the old Delta Hotel. It stands only as a shell of what it once was in its glory days, but it’s still one of the most impressive shells of a building you’ll see. The hotel was once dubbed the “Jewel of the Delta,” and folks from all over the Rio Grande Valley would fill the mighty marbled ballroom dressed in their most dapper 1940s fashions. The architecture is elegant, with round-columned frames and elaborate mason work that is an all-but-forgotten art today. The palms proudly tower over the property, as if they are the last centurions protecting this slice of history.
Just a few miles more, and you’re transported into what feels like an entirely different ecosystem at Delta Lake. The Park has been recognized by the State of Texas for its scenic natural environment. It is visitor-friendly, with plenty of picnic tables, BBQ pits, and a shaded pavilion among its well-manicured lawns. If you just want to go bird watching or take a stroll, you’ll find several simple birding trails, along with other scenic show-stoppers through the marshy wetland that opens up into the Delta to form a massive lake.

If you still aren’t ready to go home, then keep your foot on the gas pedal. A bit further north, you’ll discover gorgeous fields filled with stunning horses, cattle, and, of course, crops like sugarcane and cotton as far as the eye can see.

The city is also proud of its Market Days, a regular event that just doesn’t know how to stop growing. This year, they are hosting nearly 90 vendors offering homemade crafts, food, music, and more. Check their Facebook page for dates and times.

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