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Although South Padre Island places a heavy focus on water sports, we have a variety of activities that can also be enjoyed without needing to get your feet wet. One of our more popular activities that many tourists don’t realize we offer is horseback riding on the beach. If you follow our main road all the way north until it ends, you will find South Padre Island Adventure Park. Several activities for people who enjoy being out in the sun with their families are offered there. With over 40 acres of land, South Padre Island Adventure Park provides an expansive zip-lining experience, a variety of animals and birds in the petting barn, and, of course, a massive stable with over 100 horses for horseback riding sessions. 

The South Padre Island Adventure Park has multiple times and sessions throughout the day to match the preferences that visitors might have. Horseback riding sessions allow visitors to explore the remote portion of the Island not many decide to visit. The rides taken in the early morning or at sunset are longer than those taken during the day because the temperature is cooler and better for the horses’ health. These rides also allow riders to enjoy the view of sunrises and sunsets as they travel along the beach and sand dunes for an-hour-and-a-half sessions. Family rides can be enjoyed either in the morning or the afternoon and are only an hour long. This ride is perfect for folks who want a quicker ride or are on a tight schedule. The moonlight ride is the only one that occurs a couple of times a month, as it only occurs four days before–and leading up to–the full moon. It is time so that, when the session begins, you can get a beautiful view of the moon rising over the water. These rides are perfect for couples and families alike, as anyone can learn to ride a horse. If families would like to have their children experience the fun of horseback riding, they are more than welcome to bring them along on the family rides. They can also take them to the petting barn, where they have pony rides available for children who aren’t ready to tackle riding a horse.

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