Get Ready for Some Mayham January 16 at the Winter Texan Expo

Get Ready for Some Mayham on January 16 at the Winter Texan Expo

Special to Welcome Home Winter Texan

Introducing Mayham, the redneck comedian who’s a blend of southern wit and a dash of chaos. As seen on Dry Bar Comedy, this guy’s jokes hit harder than a summer storm in a trailer park. Touring with Karen Knotts, daughter of the legendary Don Knotts (aka Barney Fife), he’s got comedy in his DNA–just like moonshine in a mason jar.

Catch Mayham on the Redneck Comedy Bus Tour in Branson, Missouri, where the laughs flow like gravy at a family reunion, and at the Winter Texan Expo, Tuesday, January 16, at 1:45 p.m. at the McAllen Convention Center.

Yee-haw! Laughter’s his second language!

The Winter Texan Expo will be held at the McAllen Convention Center on January 16-17 and at the Brownsville Event Center on January 18.  For more information or exhibitor information, please call (956) 687-5115.

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